“Caprice Brillant“ is „Recording of the Month“ by Pianodao (UK)



I was very impressed with Gordeladze’s playing on her previous recording, but here she reaches even greater heights of excellence, her brilliant control of tone, texture and structural overview consistent throughout these many and varied compositions…..

In the Romantic works, Gordeladze’s nimble finger work, finely-tuned sense of voicing, and gorgeous cantabile singing tone combine to give the pieces an unexpected intimacy and, above all, a surprising sense of great fun. “Jocose” indeed…..

There’s something quite magical about her inquisitive programming, shining a light into corners of the repertoire that deserve the brightest illumination. That she is able to imbue these works with a pianism that is as charming as it is virtuosic results in an alchemy that is very special indeed.

I can’t wait to see where she goes next…

Andrew Eales

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